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While Death ends the physical existence,
the spiritual existence knows no bounds.


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About Karen

Karen Gillis is a spiritual medium from the Boston area who passionately subscribes to the theory that death ends a life but not a relationship. For over a decade, her gift is connecting the living with those who live in Spirit. Karen has been certified by Liam Galvin, the Reverend Rita S Berkowitz and has completed mentorships designed by world renown medium, Mavis Pittilla and Jean Else.

Karen was a featured medium for the Best of the Best Spirit Communications with Rita Berkowitz as well as serving on platform demonstrations with Mavis Pittilla. She currently teaches Fundamental mediumship classes based on the teachings of Mavis Pittilla and embraces each opportunity that allows her to communicate between two worlds.

Mavis Pittilla


Karen , thank you for the reading today you captured not just evidence but more importantly the essence of my “Mom” never Mother to me always Mom.



Karen Gillis, you are inspired. Every class brings so much clarity into my life. Thank you from
my inner soul.


I took two beginner mediumship classes with Karen in the past, and truly loved it. She was not only a teacher but also a friend who uplifted and encouraged us when we doubted our ability to connect with the spirit world. She was always so open to share her knowledge and insights while creating a positive space for learning. I highly recommend her!



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